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Im just going to put this here.

TW: Abuse (Mental)

Just so people know. I have had an abortion, and I don’t regret it one bit.

I was 16, in high school, with my first serious boyfriend. I basically failed my grade 12 year because of this. I graduated on a bunch of 50ish marks.

As some background information, my boyfriend mentally abused me for the entire 2 and a half years we were together. He manipulated me and segregated me from my friends. He tried to guilt me in to keeping the fetus because he thought I would stick around forever and just continue to take his shit. He’s unstable and when I finally broke up with him, he threatened to throw himself off the roof of our apartment building (9 stories). 

I got told by my guidance counselor, that I can’t listen to him, because it’s my body and my education that would go down the tubes, not his. And the chances are, when it actually came down to it, he would leave me hanging to take care of a kid that he guilted me into keeping.

So yes, I am happy I got an abortion, because you know what, I would not be here if I hadn’t and I would not be able to say that I saved my life because I didn’t have an abusers child. So dear anti - choicers, please do not tell me I shouldn’t have gotten one. Because I might not be alive today if I hadn’t.

I have a really big issue with people that use horrific events like the Holocaust and Slavery to compare abortion to.

Tell me if you had family that was part of The Holocaust (because I, myself, did not have family in the Holocaust) how does that make you feel?

Personally if I had family in it, I would be livid. Not only that, but to compare something that isn’t sentient to something that killed SO MANY SENTIENT BEINGS. Sentient beings. See that’s what’s different. Fetuses are not sentient beings, they are totally and completely reliant on the person carrying them. The people in the Holocaust were sentient beings, you know, people who didn’t need to rely on one single person to even think about existing.

How can you consciously make that decision to compare those to, without thinking to yourself, “Hey! Maybe it isn’t cool to compare sentient suffering to non-sentient ‘suffering’ (if that’s what you would like to call it).”

The same goes with slavery and every other random act that you can ‘compare’ abortion to. Don’t do it. Think about the actual people that have been in these situations, how they would feel about you treating their suffering as if it were nothing.

Rethink your opinions. You are allowed to think that abortion is bad if you want. But to compare it to something as serious and horrible as the Holocaust or Slavery is low and you’re really just fishing for something to gain a sympathy vote.